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This is art created by artist and founder of Go Find Your Happy, Tricia Andreassen. Tricia creates art based around telling a story, giving hope, inspiration, and encouragement.
In 2015 Tricia had a series of Holy Spirit encounters that unlocked her to go on a spiritual journey to finding the way back to herself. Although she had slowly began the journey in 2008 when she began to write songs, these encounters drove her to create art that was meant to ignite a soul, heal a soul and encourage others to "go find their happy". 
Every art piece Tricia Andreassen has painted, collaged or developed as mixed media has been created from what God has laid on her heart and soul. Her mission is to make art and create pieces that gives the opportunity for all to be able to have something in their possession that brings love.
The scripture of Psalm 37:4 is a mission in creating which says, "Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." Every time she writes, teaches, or creates she knows that she is thanking God for giving her the opportunity to do what she loves. This is why she teaches others to do art, crafting, mixed media and journaling because she knows what it has done for her.
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  • Sunset over water mixed media art
    Sunset over water mixed media art
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