Handmade Wood Wire Angel

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These angels are approximately 5-6 inches tall and are completely custom made by me, Tricia Andreassen. These photos shown are examples of the design I do as once you order I message you to get a bit of information about the person I am making it for. I know what questions to ask to unlock the creative ideas within me. As a prophetic artist (artist directed spiritually, emotionally and empathetically by the Holy Spirit) I allow God to work through me to create something very special. A gift like this will 100% beyond any doubt creates a memory of love that will last forever. 
Why not give something that is nothing else like this creation for them to look at everyday.

Note: Each angel comes with a certificate of authenticity and numbered as well as signed by Tricia Andreassen who has her art featured across the U.S. This is provided as a dated original in the event these designs are purchased by a global retailer. This solidifies the increase in potential value and that this is an original design.