Happy Little Bird On Flower

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4 layers deep held together with steel waterproof coupling on back. Local pickup will include stem however shipping stem and easel (which is just a few dollars at local hardware store) will not be included. A note will be put in shipping box for what to purchase- to keep shipping cost down.

Creatively designed by Mixed Media Art Tricia Andreassen who is a teacher who helped women use art and journaling to battle chronic pain illnesses and autoimmune diseases. Tricia battles fibromyalgia and other pain issues where art helps unlock her inner joy. ❤️She loves sharing with others that you are never to old, young or have a limitation to pursue a dream. 

Note: There could be a slight change in this particular design as it is currently being cross posted on Social media marketplace depending on the availability of a dish in the middle however there will be 4 layers on this design.