Barn Quilt Workshop

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At the Hub Station in Hudson NC! Join artist me, Tricia Andreassen, for an inspiring and creative journey into the world of barn quilts. In this engaging workshop, participants will have the opportunity to create without taping, rulers and stress!! 

Barn quilts, with their vibrant colors and geometric designs, have long been a cherished part of American folk art. They symbolize unity, heritage, and pride in our communities. In this workshop, Tricia Andreassen, a renowned artist known for her exceptional talent and passion for this traditional art form, will guide participants through the process of painting their own barn quilt.

You will dive into the hands-on workshop with expert guidance and individualized instruction, ensuring that each participant can bring their vision to life. From selecting colors that pop to mastering the precise brushstrokes required for clean lines, I will share her extensive knowledge and artistic expertise throughout the process.

By the end of the workshop, you will have completed their own stunning barn quilt, ready to be proudly displayed as a beautiful testament to their creativity. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner eager to explore a new art form, this workshop is designed to inspire and empower participants of all skill levels.

Join me on memorable artistic journey in a warm and supportive environment. Unleash your creativity, meet friends, and leave with a cherished piece of American folk art that will bring you great joy to display outside! Love, Tricia Andreassen